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Editorial Submission/ Copyright Law

The Economic Development Journal of Canada welcomes articles from individuals working in the private and public sector or aligned to the field of Economic and Technology Development.

We do require exclusive publication rights for all articles published in the magazine. Article proposals or submissions may be forwarded by email to the Editor.

Subject matter

The topic for article submissions is really open, and can focus on any subject area that will be of interest to government and private officials in Canada.

Information technology Development Strategies Community Development Business Development Tourism International Business Environment Submission Requirements

In general, submit the article in the length required to cover the topic. Most articles published are in the range of 1,000 to 2,000 words. As a rule of thumb, 1200-1500 words is ideal. However, exceptions can be made at the editor's discretion to accommodate longer or shorter articles. Our best advice: brevity enhances the prospect of publication.


Our preferred style is streamlined and straightforward, to minimize legal and technical jargon, and to spell out all acronyms on the first reference. Use the simplest word that makes the point. For example: "use" instead of "utilize"; "rain" instead of "precipitation event." Articles should be as specific as possible, and use active voice, rather than passive voice. Articles written in the first person (eg. using "I" or "we" throughout) are generally inappropriate. Contractions should be avoided as well.

It is our policy to delete any commercial or promotional references within submitted articles. Accuracy is also imperative; any vague, unsubstantiated statements will be edited out.

Do not include the names of individuals unless they add credibility to the story. Eliminate any information that is not directly related to the subject matter or present it in a separate sidebar. Do not include personal opinions. Rather, present convincing documentation to prove the point.

Author notes

The Economic Development Journal of Canada generally identifies authors by names, title, company or professional affiliation, city and province. A black and white photo of the author, and short bio (25-35 words), may also be included where available.

Where deemed necessary by the editor as a result of substantial revisions, a final version of your article may be emailed for your factual check to assure accuracy. Any inquiries received about your article after publication will be forwarded to you, and any comments about the article received from readers may be published in the future.

The editor and editorial board ultimately decides upon the content of the publication, including your article, and reserves the right to reject any submission, or to edit your submission for length, content that may have been covered in a previous article, inappropriate information for the interest of our readership, or style.


Photographs submitted must be in glossy print format, or digitally by email or on a photo CD. Digital photos must be in a high resolution format (300 dpi) jpeg file no more than 500 kb in size.


Please supply your manuscript electronically as a Word document. Include all charts, tables and other illustrations in jpeg file AND include an additional copy of each illustration or chart as a separate file in original artwork format. With the exception of bold and italics, all formatting codes must be omitted. For example: remove any codes for centering, tabs; footnotes (instead use superscript numbers in the copy and place the unformatted footnote references at the end of the article); graphic lines; underlining; style and font changes, etc.


Frank Miele


All published material is protected by copyright law.

Copying of any articles is strictly prohibited. Articles can be requested through the publisher.

We appreciate those organizations that contact us to make the arrangements and ensure that they do not violate copyright law. If you follow these guidelines then you are ensuring the preservation and continuance of valuable information that we have provided to our readers since 1988. If you have any questions about how this policy applies to your organization, email the publisher and editor at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


1.For information regarding Canadian Copyright Law, visit the Access Copyright (formerly Cancopy) at Unauthorized copying hurts everyone!

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